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Continental coast Montenegro has a length of poriadka300 km. Montenegro is made up of 14 islands in the sea, a total length of coastline is 15.6 km. In the north-west of the country is large Boka Bay, with a water surface area of ​​87.3 km.2 and crashed into the ground for 29.6 km. 

Length Montenegro beach-73km. 


The temperature of sea water for seven months over the range of +12 to +26 C, the transparency of sea water in some places more than 35m. 


The longest river in Montenegro: Tara (144km.), Lima (123km). Cheotina (100 km.) Moraca (99km.), Zeta (65km.) And Bojan (30km.). Approximately 52.2% of Montenegrin rivers belongs to the Black Sea basin, the remaining 47.8% of the Adriatic Sea basin. Three Montenegrin river (Moraca, Zeta and Piva) throughout its length flow through the territory of Montenegro. Most Montenegrin mountains and rivers, make deep canyons. Tara river canyon with a depth of 1200m, the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world. 


The largest lake in Montenegro and the entire Balkan Peninsula - Skadar. The total area of ​​water surface sostavliaet369, 7km2. Two thirds of the lake (by area), located on the territory of Montenegro, one-third of the territory of Albania. The second largest lake Montenegro-Shasskoe (3.64 km2), located near Ulcinj. Also, in the territory of Montenegro, there are 29 small lakes of glacial origin (so-called. "Mountain eyes"), with a total area of ​​3.89 km2. 


Flora Montenegro is diverse: the country recorded a total of 2,833 species of plants, of which 212 are endemic to the Balkan Peninsula, as well as 22 endemic species of Montenegro. Under the Constitution, Montenegro is "environmentally friendly state," under different environmental regimes is 8.1% of the territory (including reserve Durmitor National Lovcen, Biogradkaia mountain, Skadar Lake and Prokletije). 


Montenegrin coast, cleanest and unspoiled coast of the Adriatic Sea. Huge hotels and restaurants bustling not overload the coast, the sea on the east coast is much cleaner than the West. 


Climate Montenegro soft and smooth throughout the year, the Bank sits with palm trees, cypress and olive trees, cedars, vines, agaves, kiwi, pomegranate, in the shade of a comfortable placed cottages, apartments, villas and inns. 

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